Barnet Lighthouses

Sharing Love, Hope and Encouragement in our neighbourhood

About Barnet Lighthouses

Barnet Lighthouses was established in 2020 out of the vision of a member of East Barnet Baptist Church to encourage people to take part in sharing a message of hope in our neighbourhoods. This was done by inviting people to take part in a week-long trail by decorating and lighting up a window in their home. Struck by the presence and powerful role that lighthouses play, it seemed apt to call the initiative Barnet Lighthouses.


57 lighthouses participated in the first trail in October 2020, which was focused around the themes of light and love. A variety of media were used to create the displays, and each one was unique. Plenty of positive feedback was received about the trail – both from those taking part and those who went out to view the displays. The majority of the lighthouses were situated within a couple of miles of East Barnet village. It is our prayer and desire that in October 2021 more people will get involved and the trail will spread wider across Barnet. Why not sign up to take part?


Interview with Vicky Small

I draw my hope from God who, the Bible tells me, is the same yesterday, today and forever. I know from experiences in my life so far that He is loving and faithful. He will see us through, no matter what uncertainties we face. However deep the darkness, it is never able to extinguish even the smallest of lights.


“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John chapter 1 verse 5


About Barnet Lighthouses - trail 2020


Jesus is the ‘light’ being talked about in the verse above. The ‘darkness’ is referring to evil, sin and death. This verse fills me with such hope, and I chose it as the theme for my window display during the Barnet Lighthouses trail week. I made a silhouette of a lamp post to represent the light, but the amazing thing about Jesus being the light is that he doesn’t just shine from one fixed place like a lamp post. If he we acknowledge him as our Saviour then His light shines in our lives wherever we go.